Altug Gurkaynak

UI/UX, Front-End & Consultancy

Web design and user interfaces specialist.

Sharing my experiences for the IT leaders and initiatives.

Frontend Development

I am managing all the procedures from visual design thru the latest product screens that users will form an interaction.

User Experience

I am using my UI/UX researches and experiences for creating more user friendly interfaces.

Faster and Visible

I am using SEO tools and methods with my optimization knowledge to make projects faster and more visible.


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Gamecell (2016) (Turkcell + Bigkazan)
UI/UX, Web Design
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Pudra (2009-2017) Kadın Yaşam Portalı
UI/UX, Web Design
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Kayıp Dünya (2005-2009-2012)
UI/UX, Web Design
1 View Project - Magnet (2010)
UI/UX, Web Design
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GittiGidiyor - eBay (2012)
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“I worked together with Altug in the development of a crowdsourcing-based web application. Altug works meticulously and in a result-oriented fashion. He has a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the customer experience as well as the business value of the technical job we do. Aside from the fact that he is an excellent designer, he is also much fun to work with, which is more important in our company culture.”

- Deniz İren

Postdoctoral Researcher - Founder of Kitle Kaynak
“Altug has great depth of understanding and breadth of knowledge regarding front-end programming. He comes up with creative solutions to both programming and management problems. I will definitely recommend Altug, as a great hard working designer, and a innovative person”

- Tuğrul Yılmazer

Director of Information Technology at Markafoni
“Altug is a responsible team mate who can self motivate himself and organize his workflow. He can be very creative even under strict deadlines.”

- Can Tüzüner

Journalist, Lecturer, Consultant
“He has great passion and interest in every project he works on. Absolute client side development skills make you feel comfortable about his part of the job.”

- Mustafa Ozyurt

CTO at Kisura GmbH
“We worked with Altug together in some projects in Ebay/Turkey. He is passionate, easy to work with and good at getting things done.”

- Sarp Dag Demirel

CTO at FinCompare
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